Promoting Sustainable Resource Management and the Protection of Fiji's Environment Through Law

Fiji Environmental Law Association


The first public meeting of the Environmental Law Association was held in June 2008. The meeting was attended by 30 lawyers, conservationists and academics who resolved to establish an independent association that aims to protect the environment and promote sustainable natural resource management though law.

More than 100 lawyers and conservationists have participated in meetings of the association and a core of experienced professionals have committed to supporting the activities of the association. ELA members present training on behalf of the association, and provide legal advice in matters that meet the ELA's casework guidelines.

The association has been registered as a company limited by guarantee, and was publicly launched in December 2008. ELA was established using a seed grant from the Globalgrants Fund, and has benefited greatly from the in-kind support of the IUCN Regional Office for Oceania

mission & vision

To protect Fiji's environment and promote sustainable natural resource management through and effective legislative framework that encompasses Fiji's development needs in light of the nations institutional, financial and human resouces restrictions.

Foundation History

The primary purpose of the (Fiji) Environmental Law Association (FELA) is to promote the sustainable management of natural resources through law. FELA was formed with the support and assistance of the Oceania Office of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as a result of concerns that many in the legal community had about the apparent lack of general awareness on issues pertaining to the environment. Despite Fiji having a wide range of environmental laws, it was generally accepted that many were neither effectively implemented nor enforced.

FELA seeks to remedy this shortcoming.