Promoting Sustainable Resource Management and the Protection of Fiji's Environment Through Law

Fiji Environmental Law Association

environmental law fact sheets

To promote public understanding of environmental law, ELA has produced a series of plain language community information fact sheets. Click to access these community information fact sheets

Seminars and workshops

ELA organises public seminars and community workshops on environmental law. Examples of topics covered in previous ELA seminars and workshops include:

    Environmental litigation: risks and opportunities

    Environment Impact Assessment and Pollution Control

    Enforcement of the Environment Management Act 2005

    Community-based natural resource management and the law

    Public Interest Environmental law in Papua New Guinea

ELA has developed training modules on the following topics:

    Environment Impact Assessment

    Pollution and Waste Management

    Forestry Law

    Fisheries Law

    Responding to breaches of Environmental Law

To request a seminar or workshop for your organisation or community, please contact us

ELA aims to achieve positive environmental outcomes by promoting public understanding of environmental law and encouraging active public involvement in environmental decision making process.

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