Promoting Sustainable Resource Management and the Protection of Fiji's Environment Through Law

Fiji Environmental Law Association

national policy frameworks for development of coastal fisheries

presentation: sara tawaka

department of environment

coastal fisheries management legal development forum 2016

FELA EIA Legal training (Suva & Lautoka) 2014

challenges to fisheries management (the great sea reef)

presentation: francis areki

world wide fund for nature pacific


creating mpa's through the foreshore leasing mechanism under the state lands act

presentation: patricia parkinson

environmental law association

role of national trust of fiji

presentation: elizabeth erasito

national trust of fiji

coastal development leases and environmental considerations

presentation: lusiana komaitai

itaukei lands trust board

role of conservation officers

presentation: brooke langston

itaukei affairs board

state foreshore leases

presentation: thomas fesau

department of lands

the role of approving

authorities in ema

presentation: kiji vukikomoala


Overview of the environment management act 2005 

presentation: kiji vukikomoala 

environmental law association

FELA EIA Legal training (Suva & Lautoka) 2014

redd plus and forest carbon rights in fiji

presentation: patricia parkinson

28th November 2012

fiji forest policy

presentation: nunia thomas

27th June 2012

importance of wetlands in fiji

presentation: Kiji vukikomoala

7th February 2013

importance of wetlands in fiji

presentation: nunia thomas

7th February 2013

importance of wetlands in fiji

presentation: kelera macedru

7th February 2013

land care management and development

presentation: alfred ralifo

18th September 2013

FELA Continuing legal education (cle) seminars 2012

the law in relation to ema

presentation: christine trenorden

18th May 2011

human rights based approach to the environment

presentation: laitia tamata

19th October 2011

dealing with traditional knowledge under the access and benefit sharing protocol

presentation: douveri henao

22nd November 2011

improving access to climate change financing in the pacific islands

presentation: nic maclellan

24th October 2011

environment management act 2005

presentation: james sloan

April 6th 2011

public interest litigation

presentation: nicholas barnes

20th April 2011

FELA Continuing legal education (cle) seminars 2011

fisheries enforcement: role of mcs unit 

presentation: mere lakeba

ministry of fisheries

Overview of coastal fisheries in fiji

presentation: Aisake batibasaga

director of fisheries 

achieving policy and law reform outcomes in fisheries law

presentation: beomjin kim

environment defenders office 

improving locally managed marine areas

presentation: brad carte

fiji locally managed marine areas

FELA EIA Legal training (Suva & Lautoka) 2014

inshore fisheries decree draft discussion presentation

presentation: kiji vukikomoala

environmental law association

section 9 of the fisheries act

presentation: margaret tabunakawai

ministry of fisheries

role of department of public prosecutions

presentation: seini puamau

department of public prosecutions

challenges to fisheries management (vatu i ra seascape)

presentation: sangeeta mangubhai

wildlife conservation society

Overview of existing law and governance systems as they apply to inshore fisheries

presentation: james sloan

environmental law association


presentation: IAN FONG

environmental law association

EMA Enforcement & Compliance

presentation: kiji vukikomoala

environmental law association

legal requirements for rezoning under the town planning act

presentation: viliame qaniuci

department of town & country planning

understanding forest laws and the eia process

presentation: pita rokobiau

department of forest

department of fisheries role in Eia's

presentation: tekata toaisi

department of fisheries

eia report / review and decision making

presentation: helen sykes

marine ecology

public participation in environment impact assessments

presentation: kiji vukikomoala

environmental law association

usaid program & relevance of environment impact statements

presentation: maurice knight


terms of reference

presentation: ILAITIA FINAU & 



screening & scoping

presentation: Senivasa Waqairamasi

department of environment

supporting community management of natural resources

presentation: ged acton

17th October 2012

developing the legislative framework in deep seabed mining

presentation: hannah lily

1st August 2012

yaubula management support teams

presentation: clare bestable

10th July 2013

FELA Continuing legal education (cle) seminars 2013