Promoting Sustainable Resource Management and the Protection of Fiji's Environment Through Law

Fiji Environmental Law Association

Legal and scientific assistance


If a matter falls outside these guidelines, ELA may provide a list of members who undertake work in the relevant area for privateaction.

ELA provides legal and scientific assistance in cases that meet the association's casework guidelines.

For free initial advice, call the ELA telephone advice line during business hours: (+679) 330 0122

Further assistance will usually be provided free of charge, although professional fees may be charged in cases where the client has adequate financial means.

Examples of the type of assistance that ELA may provide include:

Providing legal advice on local environmental issues
Providing legal advice on national law reform issues
Providing advice on scientific or technical matters Referral to an ELA member for legal or scientific advice
Referral to another appropriate organisation or agency
Writing letters to government agencies on behalf of clients

In deciding whether to take on a case, the ELA Executive Committee will consider the existing workload and resources of the association, and the financial circumstances of the person requesting assistance

Advice, advocacy and casework guidelines

The association may provide legal, scientific or other assistance, upon request, to an individual or corporate body (including members of the association) if, in the opinion of the Executive Committee the following criteria are satisfied:

1. The request relates to:

(a) an activity or proposed activity that is, or is likely to cause or contribute to substantial environmental harm: or

(b) A proposed activity that will result in substantial environmental benefit

2. Intervention by the association has reasonable prospects of achieving positive environmental outcomes:

(a) In the particular case; and/or

(b) More broadly, by promoting improved understanding of administration of, compliance with, or reform of the law;

3. Intervention by the association is in the public interest

In determining whether these criteria are satisfied, the Executive Committee may consult with members of the Association and any person(s) with relevant expertise.

In implementing these guidelines the Executive Committee will consider the existing workload of the Association and the financial circumstances of the person(s) requesting assistance.

legal practitioners

Legal advice or representation will only be provided by members of the Association who are admitted to legal practice and lawfully entitled to practice law in Fiji pursuant to the Legal Practitioners Act.


Members of the association will ordinarily waive their professional fees, although full or reduced fees may be charged in cases where the client has adequate financial means. This decision will be made by the member(s) offering the assistance, in consultation with the Executive Committee. The nature and estimated amount of any fees or other expenses must be agreed in writing with the client.